Our Partners

Tustumena Smokehouse

Specialty: Tustumena Smokehouse is our resource for the delicious meat snacks that we send along on all our outfitted and guided hunting trips. By special request, we can make arrangements for Tustumena to process your meat into these snacks and ship the final product to your home.

Fred West 


Bear Lake Lodge – Alaska

Specialty: One of the greatest places in North America to hunt trophy whitetail deer and black bear. Buck Paradise is an outfitter that we use regularly and highly recommend them. They also offer incredible waterfowl hunting.

Grant Kuypers 


Buck Paradise – Saskatchewan

Specialty: One of the finest fishing lodges at the Southern end of the Alaskan Peninsula. Incredible king salmon, sockeye and dolly varden fishing with breathtaking views every direction. Bear Lake is also one of the best-known and most respected lodges for brown bear hunts and are well-known for taking trophy bear every season. Special Note: Bear Lake Lodge is also now open for moose hunts, which we can help you accommodate.

Warren Johnson or Julie Owen
907-398-1335 or Julie at 907-398-6706