Caribou Hunting Base

All caribou hunts are based out of Kotzebue, Alaska. You’ll take a flight from your location to Anchorage and than an Alaska Airlines flight from Anchorage to Kotzebue. There are usually two flights per day. Our staff will meet you at the airport and help get your gear to the hotel or to our base tent on the airport tarmac.

The weather around the Kotzebue Sound and into the Brooks Range can vary greatly. We do not fly if there is any chance we may be putting anyone at risk. Make sure you are prepared with information on accommodations in Kotzebue regardless of the weather forecast for your arrival.


Caribou Hunting Season 

Alaska’s caribou hunt generally runs the length of September. Early bulls will possess antlers with velvet and all velvet is usually gone by mid-September. In the latter part of the month, we often see snow in these elevations.

Hunting Caribou 

Although the Western Arctic herd is the largest herd in all of Alaska, some days you’ll see thousands of caribou and some days you will only see a few dozen. Regardless, you will want to prepare for at least four days in the field to see and stalk trophy caribou that meet your expectations.

Northern Air Trophy has identified several dozen prime locations with safe landing areas and we’ll choose a location that best suits your physical abilities and your hunting objectives. Whether you choose an outfitted hunt, the peace of mind of a guided hunt or a drop hunt, our locations are all ideally located adjacent to major travel routes for caribou as they migrate into the Kotzebue Sound area for winter. You will see some amazing animals and we look forward to the excitement of your stories when you return to our base.

Trophy Caribou 

You’re likelihood of seeing and stalking trophy caribou has significantly increased by simply choosing the Western Arctic herd. In addition, Northern Air Trophy places more hunters in front of trophy caribou than any other outfitter based out of the Kotzebue Sound. Most importantly, make sure you plan enough days to effectively hunt the area and pay close attention to the recommendations of Matt Owen when he drops you at your hunting camp. He knows well the travel patterns for caribou around each of the hunting camps and his knowledge will be paramount to your success.

Caribou Hunting Options

Please review each of the hunting options listed below so that you can match your budget to your objectives: 

Matt & Julie Owen 
Box 753 
Kasilof, Alaska 99610