Caribou Drop Hunts Include 

When you choose a drop hunt, you’re paying for our pilots to get you to and from a quality hunting location where you have a great chance to find and stalk several trophy caribou. You will be required by Northern Air Trophy to keep the total weight of your hunting and camping equipment to no more than 100 pounds per person.

Caribou Drop Hunts Do Not Include 

Our Caribou drop hunts do not include tents, sleeping gear, cooking utensils or food.

Drop hunts do not include your Alaska hunting license, caribou hunting tags, a guide or any game care. You will need to quarter your meat according to Alaska Department of Fish & Game requirements (meat must be left on the bone) and handle your cape until we pick you up. Once you return to Kotzebue, we can suggest a location where you can further process and package your own meat and ship it to your home. We can also suggest taxidermists or guide you on proper shipment of your cape and antlers back home. Northern Air Trophy is not responsible for your caribou meat or your caribou cape and antlers. We can only offer verbal assistance so that you can understand the options available and make choices based on your budget. Make sure to allow extra time when you return to Kotzebue so that you can properly handle your caribou meat and trophy prior to making your way for home.

Pre-Trip Planning 

The attached document contains all you will need to know to effectively plan your hunt with information about Kotzebue, airline tickets, packing checklists, etc. After reviewing this document, you will want to make a call to Julie Owen to ensure availability and to begin processing our agreement and your hunting deposit.

Click here to download the Pre-Trip Planning .pdf file.

Trophy Fishing Option 

Either at the beginning or the end of your caribou hunt, you may wish to add on an opportunity to catch trophy dolly varden or grayling. Click here for additional information.

Please review our other Caribou Hunting options listed below:
Rates for Caribou Drop Hunts

You will also buy an Alaska hunting license and non-residents may buy one caribou tag for this zone at $650.

Northern Air Trophy requires a 50 percent deposit that you will want to pay as soon as possible.

Northern Air Trophy provides a 15 percent discount to those active in the military.

Matt & Julie Owen 
Box 753 
Kasilof, Alaska 99610