To be able to hunt certain game species, you will need to apply for a permit by lottery well advance of planning your hunting trip. Species that require application by permit and lottery selection include moose and grizzly bear.

For caribou, it is not necessary to apply for a permit by lottery. We do, however, strongly encourage you to buy your licenses online well in advance of your hunting trip – ideally four weeks. Alaska’s Department of Fish & Game explains on their web site that it is easy to buy licenses over the counter in many large retail stores throughout Anchorage and many parts of Alaska. The reality is this: Sometimes they have them and sometimes they are sold out. We have had several clients that have relied on their time in Anchorage to purchase these licenses and found that all major retailers were indeed sold out.

In many cases, these clients got lucky and were able to purchase their licenses at the ADF&G office in Kotzebue (limited hours of operation). But, this is a small town and truly your LAST chance to buy a license. Don’t risk it. Please buy the necessary tags in advance of your trip and make sure they are packed safely with your belongings.

To find up-to-date information on hunting applications and permits, visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Web site by clicking here.