Northern Air Trophy was started in the 1980s and has grown steadily over the years from referrals and repeat clients. Matt Owen and Julie Owen, your hosts, both play an integral role in developing a quality hunting experience for each of their clients.

Matt serves as pilot and, when time permits, he enjoys guiding clients. Julie helps with all the pre-trip planning, logistics, food and equipment preparation. You’re not likely to find a hunting trip that prepares a better food selection or takes better care with equipment selection. Any questions not answered on this Web site, are best answered by Julie at the number listed below.

Both Matt and Julie, and their hired staff and guides, share a unique sense of humor that’s sure to add to your overall hunting experience. Truly, all our staff will make you feel welcome and appreciated.

It is the goal of Northern Air Trophy to exceed the expectations of each of its clients. We recognize that our continued success is going to be based on each guest’s referrals and place extra effort on your satisfaction and comfort.

Based out of Kasilof, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula in the winter and summer months, Northern Air Trophy moves its operation close to the areas in which you’ll be hunting. Our base, in Kotzebue (pronounced KOTS-uh-bew), Alaska is near to some of the finest hunting in the world. Located on the Bering Sea and a bit North of the Arctic Circle, Kotzebue is a quaint village of about 3,000 people and is the largest village nearest to the Southwestern edge of the Brooks Mountain Range. You’ll be hunting in one of the most beautiful and untouched areas on the planet.

We welcome hunters of all abilities and ages. And, whether you choose to hunt your quarry with rifle or muzzleloader, we look forward to helping you prepare for a hunt that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Most importantly, we look forward to the excitement you’ll have when you return to our base in Kotzebue with that glimmer in your eye and that youthful bounce to your step. With Northern Air Trophy, you can expect to feel like a kid again.