Hunting in the Western Arctic Region

Pristine Alaska Wilderness Awaits You

Alaska’s Western Arctic region is host to Alaska’s largest caribou herd and, certainly, one of the healthiest herds in the world. Unlike the Southwestern herd of 125,000 animals, this Northwestern herd has been estimated at more than 400,000 animals.

To read more about this herd and its health, please click here.

In addition to caribou, this region of Alaska contains extremely large moose. Our guided clients frequently take moose with racks at 65 inches and wider.

We also use this area as a base for guided grizzly bear hunts. The open tundra and the proximity to the Brooks Mountain range is perfect habitat for many large game species and, equally important, these animals have very little contact with humans.

To view a map of the area you’ll be hunting, click here for a link to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game Web site. This is a general map of the area.

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